Coming straight outta Compton (literally) is an innovative company called Compton Grinders. This company started in early 2013 and is founded by a machining family with a background in aerospace engineering. Originally, Compton Grinders introduced us to their 2-piece grinder which is great for on the go and fits comfortably in your pocket. We had a chance to try it out and while it definitely serves its purpose, we wanted to see a 4-piece design as we are heavy smokers and like to catch our kief and all that fun stuff. As of just a few weeks ago, Compton Grinders has finally delivered their most anticipated product yet and thus far has been a success.

They carried over the same exterior shell design pattern as the 2-piece, as anticipated, and even hit us with a new concept with their unlocking screen for easy cleaning and replacement. I think this is an interesting innovation and definitely solves a problem. Many times in the past, cleaning and replacing the screen on a grinder has always been a pain. You have to pick out the metal o-ring with your keys or a screwdriver and by the time you get it out your screen is damaged. With Compton Grinders, you simply use their unlocking tool to screw off the teflon grade o-ring. Takes less than 30 seconds to remove and replace.

Another unique feature with the Compton Grinder is the “Loading Area” they provide which has no teeth for grinding and is meant for you to first load your herbs and then grind. I think this is an interesting design concept however I wish even the loading zone had holes so more herbs can fall through as you grind. Beyond that, the loading area has its upside and is one of the features which truly makes this grinder unique.

Overall, we are very pleased with the 4-piece grinder from Compton Grinders. The teeth are sharp, durable and engineered very well. In the end, what everyone really needs is a grinder that will do its job and this grinder does it well and more. What’s great about this product is when you support it and buy it, you are supporting a family owned business that does all manufacturing and engineering in-house at their own facility. A truly American made product with a warranty and customer support. You can grab your own 4-piece Compton Grinder which comes in 4 great color options now at for $79.99 USD and follow them on Instagram @ComptonGrinders.


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