Compton Grinders are a Los Angeles – based, family owned company, whose owners have a family history of aeronautical engineering and machining. After introducing the innovative 4-piece grinder mid-year in 2014, Compton Grinders have been tirelessly working to expand their product line, and have given us an amazing new product, the King and Queen Domeless nail.


These high quality Domeless nails are made right in Compton Grinder’s hometown of Los Angeles. The Compton Grinders Domeless Nails are made with 100% American made Grade 2 Titanium, which is known for its anti-corrosive properties and its resistance to corrosive environments, such as high heat. Titanium is also better for you, health-wise, than the traditional aluminum and steel metals other nails are made of. The main feature of these classic chess set themed pieces is the graduated bowl, which allows the dab to heat and slide down, as opposed to losing the dab, which can happen with a different nail, which is a wonderful solution to an age old problem. These nails are made thicker to help ensure heat retention towards the head of the nail.

compton grinders king and queen nail

Both the King and the Queen Domeless Nails fit 10 to 14mm joint, to make them a good fit for the vast majority of rigs. The Queen Domeless nail is slightly smaller in size than the King Domeless Nail, but who doesn’t love to smoke with a Queen? You may notice that both the King and Queen nails are up to 25% shorter than most traditional domeless nails, which helps prevent your glass from cracking by keeping heat away from the joints of the rig. Both of the Compton Grinders King and Queen Domeless Nails heat fairly quickly, despite the thickness, allowing for a much more productive dab session, since you’re not having to wait an extensive period of time for the nail to heat up, before taking your hit. The air passages are clear, which practically guarantees you a good hit each time. Each nail is backed by a lifetime warranty from Compton Grinders.

If you’re anxious to try out these beautiful Compton Grinders King and Queen Domeless Nails for yourself, look no further than You can get either of these nails, which would make an exquisite compliment to your rig for just $59.99. You can also follow Compton Grinders on Instagram @comptongrinders to stay updated on all the latest news and products.


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