For the Holiday Care Pack, some of our members received a Chameleon Glass Typhoon Classic hand pipe.

What makes a Typhoon hand pipe different from normal hand pipes is air directors on each side of the pipe.
These air directors cause the smoke/air to spin as a vortex inside the chamber.
You can view the whole Typhoon Family here.

While smoking out of this you will notice an entertaining smoke show, extra cool smoke, and a softer smoke, as the centrifugal force spins and causes the combusted tar and ash to stick inside the pipe, not inside your body.
Each typhoon is handmade, so each requires a different pull. It is recommended that you take a nice and long even pull, adding or lowering the strength of your pull will allow you to achieve a different smoke effect.

Our care pack members receive the Typhoon Classic hand pipe.
This dry pipe acts more like a water pipe due to the air directors.
You can purchase a Typhoon Classic here for $67.49
Using code SBK wil save you 10% on your order.

Make sure to follow @ChameleonGlass for more of their work and check out their website for all they have to offer.

Dont forget to get your very own Limited Care Pack! To find the dates of releaseyout and information on these packs please visit us here.

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