Another amazing product from Chameleon Glass! The Absolute Zero.
The miniaturized coil condenser, usually in glass blowing, coil condensers are large.
Being a miniaturized coil condenser is what makes the Chameleon Absolute Zero unique!

The coil inside will allow a pathway for the smoke to travel over the cooled surface of glass.
Due to this coil, there will be a crisp pull with no burn or throat irritation.

The Absolute Zero comes in a pipe, water pipe, and atomizer.

Absolute Zero Pipe can be purchased here for $179.00
Absolute Zero comes in five colors; red, blue, green, orange, and yellow.

Absolute Zero Water Pipe can be purchased here for $222.75
The A.Z. Water Pipe comes in five colors; green, yellow, blue, red, and neon.
Two sizes to choose from! 14mm or 19mm, an adaptor, nail and dome can turn this water pipe into rig quick.

Absolute Zero Atomizer can be purchased here for $191.29
Atomizer comes in five colors; blue, green, red, yellow, and orange.


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