Chameleon Glass is a popular 100% American made glass company, with over 100 artists in 10 different states whom create the glass you know and love. All Chameleon Glass products come with the removable Chameleon Glass sticker, if anyone tries to sell you a Chameleon piece without that sticker, it is NOT Chameleon brand.

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This adorable critter is known as FireCracker. He is slightly bigger than a BIC lighter, his eyes & whiskers glow in the dark. This kitty will differ from mine, or the one on the website because FireCracker is hand blown, so each has their own personality. This kitty is a perfect companion for you cat lovers out there like me. Getting this pipe when I own a black&white cat is awesome. I must warn you, do not let his cute face fool you, for this pipe packs a massive hit.

The one thing I noticed about all 3 of the Chameleon Glass products I reviewed is the coolness of the bowls when smoked, and the ease of cleaning. I am not sure how they do it, but these bowls heat up much less than other glass products, and I noticed they clean much quicker than other glass products.
This awesome glowing Firecracker Kitty can be bought for $36.99 from Chameleon.

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