Chameleon Glass is a very well known glass company. This article will fill you in on everything you may want to know.

Chameleon Glass started way back in 1991, located around the Trinidad, California area. As Chameleon grew, their warehouse was moved to Phoenix, while some of their artists stayed back in Cali. Chameleon now has over 100 artists in 10 different states whom create the glass you know and love.

All Chameleon Glass pieces are made in the USA, and are sold with the Chameleon Glass sticker on them. The sticker IS removable after purchase, the sticker is there to let you know it is Chameleon, if it does not have the sticker, it is NOT Chameleon Glass.

Chameleon Glass has a store locator so you can find the closest distributor to you.
Chameleon Glass also sells pipes right off their website.

Chameleon Glass can be found on Facebook
Chameleon Glass can be found on Instagram @chameleonglass



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