Chameleon Glass is an American family-owned glass company located in Arizona. Chameleon Glass has been around since 1991, that is over 20 years, and all their products are 100% manufactured in the United States.

They preform quality control checks on every single piece. Any piece with a defect or hidden imperfection will never be delivered to a customer.

Chameleon Glass has over a hundred different products and is always coming out with new ones, from clothing, to water pipes, to rigs, bowl heads, dabbers, adapters and hand pipes They design many different products that surround different themes, to fit the personality of every single customer, themes such as sports like Football and Baseball, critter hand pipes from dogs to dolphins, holidays like Halloween and Christmas, food such as apples and mushrooms, and now Star Wars! You can now choose the dark or light side with the Chameleon Glass Saber Pipe.

Chameleon Glass Saber PipeChameleon Glass Saber Pipe

The newest pipe is the Chameleon Glass Saber Pipe. This pipe reminds me of the Star Wars movies, you’ve seen saber dabbers, but now thanks to Chameleon Glass Saber Pipe can be yours to own. You can choose the light side or dark side with two different color choices; sinister red and heroic slyme green. Weather you plan to smoke out of this pipe, or just keep it on your shelf as decoration, this is a pipe for every Star Wars fan!
Chameleon Glass Saber PipeChameleon Glass Saber Pipe
You can purchase your own Chameleon Glass Saber Pipe right here for $107.99
If you use the code word SBK you will save 10% on any order from the Chameleon Glass website.
The perfect pipe to add to your collection!


Be sure to check out the Chameleon Glass website for all of their products, news, and giveaways.
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