The American made Chameleon Glass company has done amazingly with these old style hand pipes.
Chameleon Glass is a family owned business, ran for over 20 years, located in Arizona.

If you want a sturdy, big headed, everyday pipe, with an old style, these are the ones for you.
The Sherlock I got to review was The Vern Traditional Slyme.
This pipe is 6 inches long, 3 inches tall. The bowl head on this pipe is very deep, great for long slow tokes, and a small mouthpiece for easy airflow.

Chameleon Glass

I could not find this on the website but you can always contact them for a custom order,  so you may be able to get a Slyme blown.

There is also the Manhattan Versions.

The “Manhattan” Can be purchased in;

Traditional, this pipe may remind you of one your grandpa may have smoked, only this one is not wood!
manhattan traditional

Purchase here for $132.29

Woody, his pipe was created beautifuly! Made to resemble wood.

Purchase here for $132.99

Using code SBK will save you 10% on any Chameleon Glass order.

Check out for many different unique functional glass and accessories!

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