Chameleon Glass is located in Arizona, a family run glass company that has been in business for more than 20 years. Chameleon Glass is known for their great customer service and beautiful glass, all functional, some art. Every few weeks Chameleon Glass will add new products to their website. I’d like to share those new products with you! Remember you can save 10% on Chameleon Glass orders by using code SBK.

The first product we will take a look at is the Triple Bowl Hole Avatar Ashcatcher. This pipe has color change fuming, and has an inverted mouthpiece, so any ash that may suck thru will not reach your mouth. This pipe also has a built in screen, which also doubles as a platform to use concentrates on.

Chameleon Glass
You can purchase a Triple Bowl Hole Avatar Ashcatcher here for $34.19

Next we have the Lover’s Pipe, the perfect pipe for any couple. You each get your own mouthpiece on this one pipe! Perfect for sharing!

Chameleon Glass
You can purchase a Lover’s Pipe here for $26.99 of frit colors.  The frit is then worked so that it makes a ribbed pattern, before being completely

The Faded Frit Ribbed is the next pipe on this list. This is a 2 tone masterpiece pipe, made with an assortment of frit colors, the frit will then be worked so it makes a ribbed pattern, before being melted into the glass. Also featuring 3 glass marbles for added beauty and some texture.

Chameleon Glass
You can purchase a Faded Frit Ribbed here for $32.99. Make your color request at checkout and Chameleon Glass will do their best to fit your color desire!

Another new frit design, the Twisted Frit Fade. This pipe features a combination of two different frit colors, with a spiral in the pipes neck. Available in many different color combos.

Chameleon Glass
You can purchase a Twisted Frit Fade here for $29.99. Available in assorted colors.

A new Sherlock is now available, the Transcendental Sherlock. This Sherlock has a wrap and style, a color changing fumed Sherlock with a low drop and a large bowl head. Longer pipe equals cooler smoke.
Chameleon Glass
You can purchase a Transcendental Sherlock here for $33.69. This is also available in assorted colors.

You may have read the Saber Pipe article I posted a while back. New choice to the Saber Pipe line is black light reactive.

Chameleon Glass
You can purchase a black light reactive Saber Pipe here for $102.99.

Everyone loves the Cyclops pipes, and now you can own the Cyclops Glow. The eye glows in the dark, eye comes in various colors, be sure to make a request at checkout for a certain color and Chameleon will do their best to get you your color!

Chameleon Glass
You can purchase a Cyclops Glow here for $65.25.

My favorite pipe on the new section, the Sepulchre. This is a beautiful hook style dry pipe.  Colorful glass frit is brushed on the exterior of the piece and then melted in to give a gory look  with organic texture.  This piece comes in assorted colors. Each one is an original.

Chameleon Glass
You can purchase a Sepulchre here for $97.99.

The last new product is a rig, the Oil Drum Rig. This rig is available in clear, green, or amber, with a straight shot diffused downstem, to give you the water filtration you want. Comes with a domeless quartz 10mm nail. This rig stands at 7 inches tall.

Chameleon Glass
You can purchase a Oil Drum Rig here for $139.99.


Be sure to check out the Chameleon Glass website for all their products. Use code SBK to save 10% if you make a purchase.
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