If you’re on a budget, or just looking for a great buy on the low this article is just for you! Alot of people think you have to have a ton of money in order to have most of our everyday stoner tools, and thats just ridiculous! Im on a mission to prove you wrong, so here is a massively awesome list of great quality, must have stoner tools for $20 or under!!

Flower Tools

Dabbing Tools

Lighter Accessories/Innovations

Cleaning Products

See, told you. There is a huge market out there full of amazing quality stoner tools. Who says we can’t have our cake and eat it too? I myself am a stoner on a budget, but I have most of the tools you see here on this list. It pays to read The HotBox Magazine, we keep you up too date with these sorts of things! You read and save money all at the same time!

Stay Lifted and Budget On

Millie W


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