On Sunday March 15 from 11am – 6pm was the Denver Glass and Vape Show. This show features different companies, artists, and products from around the country. Some have been around for years, and some are brand new to the industry. The show was open to the public as long as you were 18 or older with a valid ID. HotBox went to the Glass and Vape Show to interview all the companies to find out more about them and their products.

Boss Glass
Boss Tubes is known for their amazing beautiful works of functional glass. Boss Tubes is a Boulder, Colorado based glass company, ran by glass blower, Scott Clark.  Boss Tubes moved to Colorado almost 2 years ago, specifically made the move for the glass industry.  Scott has been blowing glass since 1999, over 15 years of experience! The journey for Scott he says has been awesome, he cannot believe the industry is at this point. He has noticed now how bigger the industry has gotten over the years. What’s the inspiration behind Boss Tubes? Scott just wanted to make awesome bongs!
Boss Tubes
These are some of the coolest looking functional glass pieces I have seen yet. The products of Boss Tubes not only look interesting, but have some very interesting names, such as; Faberge Eggs which have 8 diffuse holes, and 14 slit perks.  You can find Boss Tubes all around the country, over the country in places such as; Big Time Smoke Shop, Hookah Hookah, Cloud 9, ect.

Check out the Glass and Vape interview below;

Be sure to check out the @BossTubes Instagram for more amazing glass work.

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