Anyone who has experience with dry herb vaporizers knows there are good pens, and there are some that are just not up to snuff. Walnut, California based Boom Vaporizers makes what we here at the HotBox consider to be one of the good ones.

reload 2 in 1 pack


The Boom Reload Mini 2-in-1 pen has everything you might want in a vape pen. Able to be used with both dry herb and concentrates, the Reload Mini is the ultimate in efficient functionality. A slim, sleek modern design with a shiny chrome finish, the Reload Mini is a wonderful option for a personal use pen. Though it has a smaller atomizer than other pens, the smaller amount of herb or wax that the pen holds, coupled with its nearly shockingly low price, make the Reload Mini good for travel, and also not a devastating loss if you need to dispose of it quickly.

boom reload 2 in 1 pen vaporize

The inner workings of the Reload Mini are just as impressive as the outer design. The atomizer contains a wickless coil made from Grade 2 Titanium; no wick to burn out or ceramic inside. Here at HotBox, our favorite feature of the Reload Mini is the mouthpiece. While all vape pens have mouthpieces, this one is special. The Reload Mini’s mouthpiece also doubles as a packer for dry herb you have in the atomizer. This is a huge problem solver for more seamless vaping sessions, since you no longer have to stop to stir the flowers to get to the green side of the atomizer.

reload 2 in 1 mini dry herb-500x500

If you feel like Boom Reload Mini is something you need, and let’s be honest, it is, head on over to and pick one up for all of your on the go medicating adventures. At just $30 a pen, you might as well get one for your favorite smoking buddy, too, because you know they’re just gonna steal it as soon as you show them how cool it is! Also, be sure to follow Boom Vaporizers on Facebook, to be among the first to see the newest products coming on the market.boom reload 2 in 1 disassemble

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