The age old question of Blunts vs Joints has stumped many a stoner. What if I told you that you dont have to choose? Both methods are great ways to “get up there” it’s just all about preference. If your not entirely ready to make a decision it’s ok! I’m going to give you some pros and cons on both blunts and joints and then i’ll leave the rest to you!

Joint Pros

  •  Wider variety of organic papers(better for your lungs)
  •  You get to taste your weed better
  •  You don’t have to use as much of your weed
  •  It’s simple and quick to roll

Joint Cons

  •  Burns faster
  •  More of a potent weed smell
  •  Not that great for larger groups
  •  You go through you weed a lot faster

Now we move on to the Blunts!

Blunt Pros

  •  Great to share with friends
  •  Burns slower and gets you higher
  •  The wrap covers up most of the weed smell
  •  The flavors are more defined in a blunt wrap


Blunt Cons

  •  They can be a bit harsh
  •  You could buy a stale wrap and not know UNTIL you get home
  •  Blunts are more expensive
  •  Blunts usually require more bud


Some would argue that ultimately blunts would be the better choice, but it really just depends on the mood! Sonetimes you feel like rolling a j to take to the park, or rolling a blunt to share with friends and have a good time. Just weigh the pros and cons for the event! If you know you’re smoking with a lager amount of people take a look at the list and you’ll see that a blunt would do better, and if you’re just going to smoke with a friend then a joint will be just fine! Well I hoped this helped, here’s a list of a few great brands to try out.


  •  DutchMaster
  •  Swishers
  •  White Owl
  •  Good Times
  •  Juicy Jay Wraps


  •  Elements
  •  Skunk Brand
  •  Bob Marleys
  •  Raw
  •  Rizzla

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