The 420 Limited Care Pack has been shipped out and receive by our members! It is time to start giving you all the information on the different products that were in the boxes.  If you didn’t get a 420 Limited Care Pack, be sure to grab a 710 Limited Care Pack now before they sell out.


Blazer Products is located in New York, and has been around since 1985. They are the manufacture and distributor of the original Blazer brand of hand held, refillable torches, and cigar lighters, worldwide. The Big Buddy Torch was sent to a few of our 420 Limited Care Pack members. Available in black or white the Big Buddy Torch is one of their newest refillable butane dual use torches, great for personal and professional use. Lighweight and a portable design the Big Buddy Torch has a 2500º turbo flame and up to 60 minutes of constant burn time.

Below is our product showcase of the Big Buddy Torch;


Be sure to check out the Blazer Products website for all of their products. Give a LIKE on Facebook and follow @BlazerProducts on Instagram, and a follow on Twitter.

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