Founded in 2004,  Grav Labs is located in Austin, Texas, with about 30 glass blowers to produce high quality scientific glass. Grav Labs prides themselves in stylish, affordable, high quality, functional glass.

An amazing deal is available for $299.00 the Grav Dab Pack.

If you bought all these items separate they would cost you $374.00 total!
This deal is saving you $75.00.  The Grav Dab Pack also comes with FREE shipping.

This package includes; 3 wax wallets, a 5.75″ Grav Umbrella Perc Bubbler, a 7″ Grav Snorkle Rig, and a 5.5″ Grav Direct Inject Mini Beaker. 14mm Quartz Nails and angled domes are included for each piece.



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