The High Life Game is everything you could ask for in a game it is a dice/card game that can be played with up to 5 players, which makes this a totally awesome party game but it works for any ordinary game night. Its starts by everyone picking their Player Token(which is a seed card that you have to mature before you can get Bud Tokens) then we roll the dice to find our smoke number, any time that number is rolled you get to smoke 🙂 and if you don’t smoke then you can just make up your own rule for when your number is rolled.

The High Life Game Valentines feat

The objective of the game however is to have all pots in your grow room filled with a plant, and to have bud tokens on all of your plants to win. There are other elements to the game that include the Life deck that you draw a card from before you start your turn, and with the life deck anything can happen! There are a few categories of cards and they are as follows: Player Tokens, Good Karma, Karma Plant, Harshed our Groove(DEA,Critters, Bad Dog Bogart etc.), Seeds, Plants, Karma vs Karma, Equipment, 420 Somewhere, 710 Somewhere, and lastly but certainly not least, the Male seed.


The High Life Game is a really fun game to get the party started and have a great time!

Click Here For a quick How to Video

You can receive your very own High Life Game by visiting them on their Website! So go get one, share the love and grow some weed!  And dont forget to keep up with them on Instagram!

Thats all for now everyone

Stay Blazed and Game On

Millie W


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