Grav Labs is an American glass company located in Austin, Texas, employing around seventy glass blowers.
Grav Labs is famous for products such as; Staxx, Gravitron, Helix, Nano, and Grav Cups.

Grav Labs focuses on offering functional, affordable and stylish glass.
Since our Valentine’s Limited Care Packs have been received by our members, it’s time to look closer at some of those products.

Everyone in the care pack received a Grav Labs Chillum.
These Chillums comes with a comfort mouthpiece and is about 3 and 1/4″ in length.

Available in Blue or Teal. Pictures do not do the chillums justice, up close these chillums have a beautiful coloration and design, and the Grav Labs logo sits perfect on them.

Grav Labs
You can purchase your own Grav Labs Chillum here
Grav Labs
Using code SBK will save you 10% on that order.


Big hits come in small packages. This is definitely a good piece to put in your purse or pocket, to take out to parties, or trips.


Be sure to check out all the products on the Grav Labs website.
Download the 2015 Grav Labs catalog here to see what they have to offer for this year!
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