The Dragon Chaser was given to a few lucky Valentine’s Care Pack members. This is a BRAND NEW dabbing product on the market!
The Dragon Chaser is from Boom Vaporizers, which also produces You Can products.

The Boom Vaporizer company was founded in 2008 and located in Walnut, California.

The Dragon Chaser is a brand new way for smoking concentrates.
It also looks very fun. This is a very special item that was in the Valentine’s Box.

The Dragon Chaser is similar to a nectar collector.
There is a bubbler glass located on top, and he Dragon Chaser comes with a lanyard so you can wear it around your neck.


The Dragon Chaser is very easy to use….
First you will line up your dab on a dab pad, or just open your container.
Secondly you will torch the pointed end, and then you will put that end over your dab and suck in like a straw.


Since there is a lanyard so you can wear this, it is a great product for travel and parties.
If you received a Dragon Chaser please give us your input as this is a brand new product!



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