You may want to order the 710 Limited Care Pack asap, as there is less than 50 left!
Our Valentine’s Care Pack members have received their boxes, and the 420 Limited Care Packs are sold out and shipping soon!

Be ready for your July 10th  with a 710 Limited Care Pack.  The 710 Limited Care Pack will give you everything you need for that dabbed out day. The 420 Limited Care Pack will be mainly for flower users, but still containing dabbing items. But the 710 Limited Care Pack will be the exact opposite, mainly dab items, some flower items, depending on your box preference.
This box will feature products from your favorite brands and even better, the brands you don’t know yet.
After your order is complete, you will get an email, so we can personalize your box to meet your 420, 710, or both needs.

What is in this box you might ask?
Each box will include a variety of items, such as; Vape Pens, Grinders. Storage/Containers, Glass Products, Dabbers, Nails, Lifestyle Apparel, Stoner Music, Smoking Devices, Papers, Wraps and Blunts.
Each box has around 7+ items, $200+ worth of products or more.

Limited Care Pack
The cost of the 710 Limited Care Pack Hotbox is $79.99 plus shipping.
If you use the coupon code “snakebitekiss” you will get FREE shipping!
Click here to order your 710 Limited Care Pack.

The 710 Limited Care Pack will ship out on 07/06/15

Check out our reveal videos for the Valentine’s Limited Care Pack below.

Be sure to check back in the future for the 420 Limited Care Pack reveal.


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