The 710 Holiday has arrived and we are so excited to celebrate with everyone, especially those who received their 710 Limited Care Pack. Before the celebration begins, we want to give everyone an exclusive inside look into the Care Pack and all the product that it included. We also want to give a big thank you to everyone for supporting HotBox, and an even bigger thank you to all of our partners for allowing us to share their products and making this Care Pack amazing!

We have some really awesome products to show off and to start you off right on 710. Like all of the Care Packs before, not every box is 100 percent the same, but we were fortunate enough to give everyone quality items as we have in the past. We hope you enjoy your 710 as much as we know our members will. Keep reading so you can see what everyone received!!


Beaker Rig from Grav Labs – Grav Labs blessed half of our members with an amazing Beaker Rig. This science-inspired rig is made with laboratory grade borosilicate glass. Its small design makes it easy to take with you. It also comes with a 14mm quarz nail and dome. For those who don’t smoke flower, we gave out this piece, since it can double as a regular water pipe with the right pieces. Make sure to check out this beaker rig and more of their products at and follow them on Instagram.


Coin Rig from Grav Labs – The other half of our members received a unique Coin Rig from GravLabs. This piece is a great piece to look at and even better to own. This is the perfect rig for on the go, standing at only 5 inches with a minimal design. This rig comes with a 10mm quartz nail and dome. Be sure to visit their website and give them a like on Facebook. 


Quartz Banger from Borobook – Everyone also received the Borobook Banger, which is a quartz domeless nail and one of the newest additions to the way you enjoy your concentrates. Each person got one that coincided with the size of the rig that they received, either 10mm or 14mm. Borobook is an online network that lets glass collectors, vendors, and artists buy, sell, or trade glass art. Make sure to find your Borobook Banger at and give them a follow on Instagram @Boro_Book.


Forc Grinder – We were also able to provide everyone with one of the newest grinders on the market from Forc. The Forc Grinder is a four piece grinder with a clear top and mid section so that you can see your goods as they are being ground up. It is made of high quality aluminum and is quiet while turning. It can also be converted into a pocket size grinder by removing the middle chamber. Visit Forc and find your new favorite grinder, give them a follow @Forc_Smokes and like on Facebook.


Nail Crown from Cruz Culture – Cruz Culture provided all of our members with its HotBox Approved Nail Crown. The Nail Crown is the ultimate dabbing safety tool. Made from platinum cured medical grade silicone, its main purpose is to keep you safe. You can use it to grab a hot nail of your glass piece, or simply cover it while you are doing other things around it so you don’t get burned. It can also store your nail inside if you are on the go, or place it upside down and it can be a container for all of your dabbing tools. The top can be used to place your concentrate or place your tools there as well. Its a multi function tool that is essential in the dabbing community. Find your favorite color Nail Crown at and follow them @cruzculture and @thenailcrown on Instagram.


Coin Bag from Ghost Packs Bag Company – Everyone also received an odor absorbing coin bag from Ghost Packs Bag Company. Their purpose is to bring a little fashion to the generic style of an odor absorbing bag. The coin bag includes an odor absorbing carbon lining and its design is extremely discreet. They are offered in two different colors – Black OG and Camo OG. Ghost Packs Bag Company also has odor absorbing backpacks in the same colors, for those who need the extra room. Find your new bag at and follow them on Instagram.


Divider Pro Each member received two sizes of nonstick containers from Divider Pro. They provided our members with a medium nonstick container and a medium deep nonstick container, which both come with divided and labeled sections inside. They also provided BaseSavers and BaseBumpers which you put on the bottom of your water pipe to protect from glass to glass contact.  They also made sure to send in a mini lighter holder for all of our members. All of the products come in an assortment of colors, including glow in the dark. Check them out at, follow @dividerpro on Instagram.


Koala Cases from Divider Pro – Our members with the right phone also received a Koala Case. Koala Cases are made from food grade silicone and provide your phone with protection from getting sticky and covered with concentrate. It also has room in the back for you to carry your ID, Cards or any other item that can fit in the slot. They come in a variety of colors and are available for Samsung and iPhones. Be sure to see all of their products on the website and like Divider Pro on Facebook.


Dab Tool from Excape Vapes – Our members also received a small dab tool from Excape Vapes to get you started right away. Excape Vape provides a variety of product for all of your vaping and concentrate needs. They also provided our members with small nonstick containers to store their concentrate. Check Excape Vapes out, like them on Facebook and follow on Instagram.


iPhone Case for iChief Supply – For our members with iPhone 4/4s and 5/5s, iChief Supply provided phone cases in several colors. Their iPhone cases come with two really cool features. They have a space to hold your 1 1/4 inch papers, so you have your favorite papers no matter where you go. It also comes with a rolling tray on the back so that you are ready to roll anywhere you are. Available in several colors including a clear case. Check them out at and follow them on Instagram.


Ziggy Papers – We gave everyone, whether you smoke papers or not, a limited edition of the HotBox Magazine Custom Ziggi Papers to celebrate the HotBox Approval of Ziggi Papers. They come with the patented URS (Ultimate Rolling Solution) as a 3 in 1 package, which includes your papers, tips, and a rolling tray. They are the only papers that are HotBox Approved! Definitely check out HotBox Magazine’s favorite papers at and follow them on Instagram at @ZiggiPapers.

There you have it! The 710 Limited Care Pack was packed with enough product to enjoy the holiday with. If you enjoyed everything in this Care Pack, don’t miss out on the Holiday Limited Care Pack which is now available. You can RSVP below and will be emailed with an invoice for your Care Pack. Make sure to purchase your Care Pack immediately, as an RSVP doesn’t guarantee that you get one. If you are interested in more information, check out our Limited Care Pack Description page.

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