Every stoner loves their glass, they are like our children!

We make sure they are clean and take super good care of them.

We also hook them up with really cool accessories!

If your thinking of dressing your bong in clothes…you’ve probably already hit it.

It’s very similar just not quite that! Let me explain here are 5 really cool glass accessories for your pipes and bongs!

Ash Catcher

An ash catcher is an additional water pool to your bong that has two main purposes in life: to provide you with a cleaner, cooler hit and to help keep your bong cleaner by doing exactly what it’s called!

Catching most of the icky stuff that makes your glass dirty.

Glass Poker

Glass pokers have so many resourceful uses such as moving around the contents of your bowls and bongs, cleaning out one-hitters, and reaching those hard to get to spaces because it’s so long and thin!


A percolator is a secondary chamber inline with the tube of your bong, with its own stem and water.

Your smoke gets bubbled through each chamber separately, cooling the smoke immensely.


A diffuser is just a type of down stem for a bong, it sort of looks like a test tube that is either sealed on the end or full of tiny holes or slits cut into the glass.

Diffusers break up the smoke into smaller bubbles and by doing so, more of the smoke comes into contact with the water in your bong, which filters and cools the smoke way better due to the bubbles hitting the surface at the same time.

It also makes the bong almost silent. Like a ninja!

Glass One Hitters

One hitters are the best!

They are available in glass and metal but you normally get more personality in glass one-hitters because there’s more of an artistic feel to it depending on the blower.

One hitter can be used in 2 ways.

Either you pack the front with loose herb or put your roach or clip into the end to finish it. No product wasted with a one-hitter and that’s always a good thing!!

In the world of glass, the choices are endless, these are just a fraction! There a whole market of glass for you to enjoy so go enjoy it!

Stay Lifted and Glass On
Millie W

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