Anyone else have a Pot Box? I know I do, and it’s filled with magical stoner wonder! People like to call us “cannabis connoisseurs.” We always have some new gadget or a huge variety of papers, grinders, and tools. We take our craft seriously and I didn’t really realize that until I started asking around about the infamous Pot Box. A LOT of people were responding with the details and contents of their boxes and it was incredible! So I figured this would be a great topic for our readers! So here it is I’m going to give you 5 must have items for your Pot Box at home.

  1. Debowler

The Debowler is absolutely amazing. If you smoke with bowls and bongs the Debowler is your best friend because when its time to cash the bowl you can just turn the bowl over on the spike and clean it out really fast so you can pack the next bowl. It also works well as a stand while your packing the bowl for your favorite bong. No more trying to balance it on the table or spilling the contents of the bowl. It also functions as an ashtray so it’s a 3 in one deal. It’s not too big and fits right in your box for ready use at all times.

  • Bowl Stand
  • Bowl Cleaner
  • Ash Tray
  1. Eco Flame Lighters

These lighters are awesome! They don’t require gas or a flint to ignite. Instead it uses a coil to heat up. The Eco Flame Lighter is a USB rechargeable and you get about 75 lights before you need to charge it again. The good part is that it charges in fully in under an hour! It is completely wind resistant and helpful to our ecosystem. Over 1 billion lighters end up in landfills per year so the rechargeable lighter helps aid in the fight to cut those numbers down and help protect the earth. PLUS it has no flame or chemical so there is no butane taste! Enjoy a nice clean smoke on behalf of the Eco Flame Lighter making it a great addition to any Pot Box.


3. 420Spray

This spray works miracles! It is such a great odor eliminator it works within minutes and is virtually dry. No mess and no mist to fall on all of your stuff out on the table. Spray420 can be sprayed anywhere, whether it be the bathroom, car or bedroom. Its safe on fabrics, and your hair! So no worries, it does not fall it actually disperses in the air and attacks the odor in the air leaving you with a nice clean and crisp smell. As the worlds most powerful odor eliminator, I deem it Pot Box worthy!


  1. The Medtainer

The Medtainer is a great storage container to keep in your Pot Box because it is made from medical grade plastic and also comes with the qualities of being air tight, water resistant and odor proof. It also has a built in grinder for convenience. Don’t limit yourself to just keeping herb in there. Feel free to store pre rolled joints, maybe some papers and a lighter! Every Pot Box needs a good container and that’s what The Medtainer delivers.

  1. Dank Dabber

This one is for my dabbers. Dank Dabber offers the world’s most innovative dabber. With its unique thimble design it fits easily over your fingertip for convenience. Its easy to clean and is crafted from 100% Marine Grade Stainless Steel. No more worries of breaking dabbers. Dank Dabber offers multiple tis to suit your concentrate needs and that’s why it’s Pot Box material!


That’s the list my friends I hope you enjoyed.

Stay Lifted and Shop On!


Millie W

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