Have you ever broken a glass slide, maybe spilled a beautifully packed kief bowl? Well if you have there IS a solution! I introduce to you the 420 Stand. Made specifically to help keep your glass necesities and accessories safe AND organized by keeping them in place.These stands are perfect for any stoner may they be dabbers or flower smokers. There is a 420 Stand for everyone and they come in an assortment of cool colors and dope designs. With the increasing popularity of Dabs, it has led to 420 Stands “Dabbing Station” to become their most popular product. It holds two NoGoo Nonstick silicone jars and has a tray for your dabber to lay.

-“The ultimate organization for the daily dabber.”
Ryan Sawyer

Ryan started 420 Stands a year ago in July of 2013 and has been providing stoners and head shops with these dope stands ever since. Currently all stands are made from hard plastic resin, but the crew over at 420 Stands just recently teamed up with NoGoo Nonstick and are in the process of releasing a line of silicone stands as well! More on that coming soon, so make sure and keep up with HotBox New Product alerts! These stands were a great find, and at the end of the day 420 Stands are the functional way to display your slides, dabbers, domes, vape pens and more all while keeping them safe and organized. Fun stuff right? If your interested heres where you can get one of your own!

Instagram: @420stands

Stay Blazed and Stand On!
Millie W


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