Now that our favorite holiday has come and gone and everyone has received their 420 Limited Care Packs, we want to share with you all the exciting product that was inside. But first, we want to give a big thank you to everyone for supporting HotBox, and an even bigger thank you to all of our partners for allowing us to share their products and making this possible!

We have some really great items to show off in this Care Pack and we can’t wait to see what you think. Like in the other Care Packs, not everyone received the exact same items because each one is based on the individual needs of the member. Below are all the products that were included. We hope you enjoyed your 420, we know our members did!


Limited Care Pack
Grav Labs Helix 
– All of the Care Packs included a Helix Chillum, which is a pocket sized piece with 3 tiny holes that swirl the smoke. Be sure to read our article explaining how the swirl action works to provide a smoother hit! Stop by the Grav Labs website for their entire product line. “Follow” @GravLabs on Instagram and “Like” their Facebook page to keep up with new products and giveaways.


Limited Care Pack
MouthPeace –
 Every one of our  Limited Care Packs included a MouthPeace from MooseLabs! Check out our review article on Mouth Peace. This glass add on creates a barrier between you and the random glass you may be smoking out of, working to prevent the spreading of germs. It is made from platinum cured silicone and doctor recommended. It comes with a lanyard that hooks onto its side, so you never lose it and comes in handy when you go to all the festivals and shows. Available in 4 colors: rasta, green, blue/green/white swirl, and purple/yellow swirl. Be sure to follow @MooseLabs on Instagram and check out their website for more products.

Limited Care Pack
Nail Crown
– Everyone received a Nail Crown in their Care Pack! Nail Crowns are a multi-purpose Hotbox Approved dabbing safety productMade from platinum cured medical grade silicone, its main purpose is to keep you safe. You can use it to grab a hot nail of your glass piece, or simply cover it while you are doing other things around it and avoid getting burned. It can also store your nail inside if you are on the go, or place it upside down and it can be a container for all of your dabbing tools. The top can also be used to place your concentrate or as a place for your tools. Nail Crowns are not yet available for pre-order, but our members got them first (lucky!). Be sure to follow @TheNailCrown on Instagram to see when they become available at!


Limited Care Pack Limited Care Pack
Nick James Glass – 
All of our members received glass tips in two sizes from Nick James Glass. He gave our members one small and one large glass tip to use with their joints or blunts. These are great because they are reusable, easy to clean, and they don’t break down like paper tips do after they’ve been passed around for some time.  Our dabbing members also received the Glass Wand from Nick James Glass. This is a dual purpose piece because the pointed end is used for dabbing while the other rounded end can be used to light your bowl after you heat it up with your torch. Be sure to follow @NickJamesEKG on Instagram and on Facebook at Nick James Glass for all of his work!


Leafly Shirts – All of the Care Packs included a Strain T-shirt from Leafly. They provided our members with either Blue Dream, Granddaddy Purple, and Sour Diesel. Leafly is the biggest cannabis infomation resource, providing people not only with strain and dispensary reviews, but allowing them to join in the conversation. You can add your own reviews and help others come to a better decision. Follow them on Instagram @Leafly and check out their website for all they have to offer.


Limited Care Pack
Divider Pro –  
All of the Care Packs included at least one product from Divider Pro. Our members received platinum cured silicone containers in various sizes, from their small circle to their 6 1/2×4 XL rectangle, which all come with divided sections inside. For our non concentrate members, they provided BaseSavers which you put on the bottom of your water pipe to protect from glass to glass contact and they also provided GripTops which come in handy when cleaning your water pipe and avoiding spills. They also made sure to send in a lighter holder for all of our members. Everything comes in an assortment of colors, including glow in the dark. Check out their website for all of their products and be sure to “follow” @DividerPro on Instagram.


10Cig from Source Vapes – All of our members received the new version of the 10Cig from Source Vapes. Now on its third version, it comes with two attachments- one Grade 2 titanium single coil wickless attachment and one dry herb attachment. It is now available in a Black Chrome finish, with a 510 threaded battery and a USB charger. A quality pen for anyone, especially those who are on a budget. Be sure to check out their website, like Source Vapes on Facebook. Follow Source Vapes on Twitter and @SourceVapes on Instagram.


Limited Care Pack
Dub Caesar Pins – 
Every one of our members received a hat pin from Dub Caesar Apparel. They sent in two of their most popular designs, the LOVE pin and their Strain pin. You can shop for their apparel and accessories  on their website and give a “Like” to the Dub Caesar Facebook page, and a “follow” to @DubCaesar on Instagram.


Limited Care Pack
Linse Lighters –
Everyone of our Limited Care Pack members was given a Linse Lighter! These lighters reduce the risk of finger burns due to a nozzle that directs flame, with three different angles; 0°, 45°, and 90°. Be sure to check out their website,  “like” Linse Lighters on Facebook. Follow @LinseLighters on Instagram.


Limited Care Pack
Roll Uh Bowl – 
Several of our members were able to receive a Roll-Uh-Bowl which is the ultimate travel pipe, be sure to read our informative article.  The Roll-Uh-Bowl  is made from a durable, medical grade silicone and comes with a Graffix (TM) removable downstem and alloy eject a bowl.It folds in half to fit in the palm of your hand. When in use it’s 8 inches tall and 1-1/2 inches in diameter. Its odorless, flavorless, and dishwasher safe. For those of you who like to go hiking or camping, or if you just like to travel but want to bring a water pipe, its the best solution. Available in 5 colors on their website. Don’t forget to give @RollUhBowl a follow on Instagram.


Chameleon Glass – Some of our members received an incredible hand pipe from Chameleon Glass. The Monsoon is a spill proof water pipe that includes a system of holes within the piece that allow the smoke to bubble through the water. Available in a variety of colors. Be sure to check out their website for this piece  and more of their products, use code SBK to save 10% on purchases. Go “like” their Facebook and “follow” @ChameleonGlass on Instagram for new products and giveaways.


Source Orb by Source Vape –
A number of our members were able to receive the Source Orb w/ Source Terra Vape Kit. The kit includes 8 different atomizers, each working with either concentrate, e-liquids and/or flower. It also includes the 10Cig Attachment, a variable voltage battery, a charging cable, a wall charger, a dabbing tool, a non stick container, and a carrying case. This vape pen takes care of all of your needs.. Be sure to stop by their website for more products. “Like” the Source Vapes Facebook page and “Follow” @SourceVapes on Instagram.


Source Ghost by Source Vape – A handful of our members received the updated version of the Source Ghost Vape Pen, which is a true vaporizer. It works just as well as the big tabletop vaporizer but it is perfectly designed for on the go. It works with both concentrate and flower. Find yours at Follow them @SourceVapes on Instagram and Twitter.


Excape Vape – 
Some of our members also got the E-Pen kit, which comes with a ceramic heating chamber with a wickless coil. It also has a polycarbonate viewing chamber instead of glass to avoid it breaking if traveling with it. The kit includes an extra coil system, a tool to load your concentrate, a dabtainer, a charger and a carrying case. To see all of their vape pens and products, check out the  Excape Vape website, “Like” the Facebook page and “Follow” @ExcapeVapes on Instagram.




Blazer Products – 
A few of our members were lucky enough to receive the Big Buddy Torch from Blazer. This is the newest addition to their line of products with a powerful 2500º turbo flame in a lightweight and easy to use design. It is available in two styles, black/black and white/chrome. Blazer Products has more than 20 different torches on their website. Don’t forget to “Like” their Facebook, and “follow” @BlazerProducts on Instagram.


Ghost Cat Glass – 
A few of our members received amazing heady dabbers from Ghost Cat Glass. Several different designs were sent, including some carb caps and pendants, all made with high quality borosilicate glass. Check out his website for more products and “follow” @GhostCatGlassArtist on Instagram.


Naughty-Glass-3-420-Care-Pack-HotBoxNaughty-Glass-420-Care-Pack-HotBox Naughty-Glass-2-420-Care-Pack-HotBox
Naughty Glass – 
Several of the Care Packs included beautiful glass pendants from different artists provided by Naughty Glass, pendant retailer. You can buy pendants thru his webstore and be sure to follow @NaughtyGlass on Instagram.


Yoshi Glass – They provided a heady hand pipe for one of our Care Packs. An amazing peace featuring several different colors and a milli. Check these artists out on Facebook and follow them @YoshiGlass on Instagram.


There you have it! Looks like the 420 Limited Care Pack was jam packed with a lot of amazing products for every smoker. Don’t miss out on your chance to get yours, the 710 Care Pack is now available and if you love concentrates, then this is the box for you!


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