Who doesn’t appreciate some convenience in their day to day routines? Those days when you’ve got loads to do but you dont have enough time to take a smoke break in between. It takes too long to break down and roll up when your in the middle of running those errands, I know those days all to well so hopefully I can change that and maybe alleviate some of that stress with just a few products that you can smoke out of AND wear! Ultimately saving you time and making that mid day smoke break way more accessible .

Holie Bowlie

With the convenience of being on your wrist and the stealthy appearance of a watch you can have this on you at all times without raising any suspicion! The best part of Holie Bowlie is that the face of the watch is a grinder making the process alot faster and the band of the watch is the actual pipe. Just load up in the bowl thats there when you’ve unscrewed the clasp and your ready to take a quick toke! Instagram: @holiebowlieinc

Secret Smokers Bracelet

The Secret Smokers bracelet holds all your secrets indeed. These fashionable bracelets are perfect to pair with any wardrobe and also gives you the ability to have a toke anywhere you please! Just unscrew and load your bud into the metal bowl and inhale! Instagram: @alicemoondesign


Rollawear Brand

I know some of you sre thinking “well Millie, what if I dont like pipes?” Great question, now heres your answer, Rollawear. The team at Rollawear Brand has harnessed the convenience of a rolling tray and the everyday use of t-shirts and created the worlds first discrete rolling surface! Break down and roll up anywhere with Rollawear Brand. Instagram: @rollawearbrand

PerkTech wearable dab beaker collab w/ NoGoo

Now onto my dabbers! Thats right I havent forgot about you lovely people! PerchTech  teamed up with the NoGoo created the new Perk Tech Glass 10MM pendent beaker with a built in No Goo silicone container on the bottom. You are literally carrying around a minature sized beaker around your neck! Not meant for  stealth purposes but it is most certainly convenient. With a non stick concentrate container at the bottom for storage this product is the full package. Instagram: @perktechglass

Pretty cool huh? I hope this helps you get those well deserved in between errand tokes!

Stay Lifted and Convenience On
Millie W

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