The best stoner subscription boxes are not all created equal, however, Hippie Butler actually has 4 stoner subscription boxes worth buying. Hippie Butler understands that a cookie-cutter stoner subscription box is not going to be acceptable for both the true cannabis connoisseur and those just getting started.

Customizations, multiple subscription tiers, delivery frequency options, and even insurance policies for your bong to help you sleep better at night waiting for your monthly subscription box to arrive.

With their custom delivery frequency, you can receive boxes as often or infrequently as you’d like. That’s right! Want two boxes per month? You got it. Going away on vacation and need to pause your subscription? No problem!

Hippie Butler’s process for selecting and customizing their stoner subscription boxes is dead simple. Even those with less experience with smoking products and accessories will have no issues determining what will work best for them.

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*preview on box selection process

At HotBox Magazine, we have a pulse on stoner subscription boxes and even distributed our own HotBox Care Packs which were a hit a few years back. We don’t do them anymore, however, great companies like Hippie Butler have emerged as some of the best stoner subscription boxes available on the market today.

So forget all the talk, let’s get into these boxes!

Best Stoner Subscription Boxes from Hippie Butler

1. The Party Favor Subscription

best stoner subscription boxes

Sometimes you need a no-frills stoner subscription delivery service that is both economical and provides the basics to get the smoke sessions going. You get 3-4 smoking essentials per month, usually consisting of a combination of papers, rolling tips and something to light up with.

For many of us out there who like to keep it simple, you can’t beat The Party Favor subscription box. It is like ordering from Amazon using the Subscribe & Save program. Yeah, you can drive to get this stuff but it is much easier to Netflix and chill while waiting on your monthly stoner subscription box to arrive.

On top of that, it is only $1.00 w/ $1.99 shipping/handling. So that is actually somewhat of a discount from going into the smoke shop anyways. Plus, this comes every month on the same date, so by the time you get thru your pack of papers you already have a fresh pack waiting.

You can go get signed up for The Party Favor stoner subscription box from Hippe Butler here.

2. Rollers Club Subscription

best stoner subscription boxes

With the Rollers Club Subscription Box, you take a major step up in terms of quantity and quality of products. As the name implies, the Rollers Club is definitely a favorite of those who like to roll up when enjoying their cannabis.

Hippie Butler doesn’t just send you a random box of wraps and papers, you actually get to start customizing your experience at this tier. You start off by letting Hippie Butler know if you either want papers, wraps or maybe even a mix. From there they even allow you to narrow it down further with choices of flavored, non-flavored or a mix of both for those who like diversity when they roll up.

At $15.99 w/ free shipping, you end up with almost 10 items per month with a combined retail value of at least $32.99. These vary from papers, wraps and blunts to rolling trays, hand pipes and other tools associated with rolling blunts and joint. The rolling trays are of high quality and are pretty much a necessity for any stoner. Now you get a new one each month.

If rolling blunts and joints is your thing then don’t hesitate to sign up for the Rollers Club Subscription here.

3. Butlers Box Subscription

best stoner subscription boxes butlers box hotbox magazine

The Butler Box is the most popular premium stoner subscription box Hippie Butler offers. It comes with two basic options, one for flower smokers only and another for those who also enjoy concentrates.

You receive tremendous value with the Butler Box, saving yourself $10 for the flower-themed box and $20 for the concentrate-themed option than if you bought these products individually in the store or online. That definitely puts the Butler Box in the running for one of the best stoner subscription boxes available based on pure value.

You receive products like glass rigs, premium torches, grinders, hand-pipes, non-stick mats, and more. It really does take your smoke sessions to the next level when you are receiving new products like these monthly. Who doesn’t like a little product diversity with their bud?

Ready to get an exquisite selection of hand-picked items every month? Grab the Butler Subscription box here, with pricing from $32.99 to $39.99 depending on your customizations.

4. Masters Club Subscription

best stoner subscription box masters club hotbox magazine

The most prestigious offering from Hippie Butler might even take the cake as one of the best stoner subscription boxes available on the market. The Masters Club offers comprehensive setups for smoking aficionados and ultimate customizability that will deliver the best experience.

With the Masters Club subscription, you get 3 options to choose from. The O.G. smokers who prefer their flowers only can get a hand-selected assortment of products that range from glass bongs and rolling trays to pretty much every type of paper and blunt wrap you can think of.

Those who love their concentrates can enjoy one of the most packed dab subscription boxes you can get. Products like glass rigs, dabbers, non-stick mats, and even butane refills will be at your door monthly. This is for those true new-school connoisseurs or even a great gift to someone who has no dab tools at all. They are pretty much set for life with this subscription.

If you want the best of both worlds, just choose the “mix” preference. Get the best of what the flower and concentrates boxes have to offer while getting to brag to all your friends about all the cool stuff you receive each month.

The Masters Club subscription is not necessarily light on the wallet at $139.99 however when you look at it from a product by product perspective you are getting over $250 in retail value. Not to mention the boxes are curated so that you are receiving only the newest and most popular products.

Take your smoking game to the highest level and grab a Masters Club subscription from Hippie Butler here.

Beyond the Best Stoner Subscription Boxes

Hippie Butler offers some of the best stoner subscription boxes available on the market today but they don’t stop there. Hippie Butler has a fully stocked online smoke shop with high-quality items like those featured in our bong cleaning product guide 10 Product to Keep your Bong Clean.

They also have offerings that cater to novices or those who need a complete setup. The Concentrates Starter Bundle is a great way to get the essentials needed to start medicating with concentrates (dabs).

Consider Hippie Butler when wanting to re-up on your favorite smoking products and visit their Shop website.

More Stoner Subscription Box Photos

Check out some additional photos from the stoner subscription boxes sent to us from Hippe Butler.

Rollers Club Subscription

best stoner subscription boxes hippie butler hotbox magazine

Butlers Box Subscription

best stoner subscription boxes hippie butler hotbox magazine

Masters Club Subscription

best stoner subscription boxes hippie butler hotbox magazinebest stoner subscription boxes hippie butler hotbox magazinebest stoner subscription boxes hippie butler hotbox magazinebest stoner subscription boxes hippie butler hotbox magazinebest stoner subscription boxes hippie butler hotbox magazinebest stoner subscription boxes hippie butler hotbox magazinebest stoner subscription boxes hippie butler hotbox magazine

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