Almost everyday we receive a new product here at HotBox to test and check out. Over time, you start to see which products become daily essentials and which products are more of a once in a while or situational use item. Today we will talk about 3 accessories that get almost daily use even without truly trying to, they just make sense.

Bowl Bands

Bowl Bands are an invention from Cannovations, who looks to specialize in creating products that complement your smoking experience. When we received Bowl Bands, we immediately slapped them on all of our glass. Bowl Bands are an elastic strap with a magnet on it which can keep your lighter or even dabber attached to your glass at all times. This is essential because many stoners lose their lighters and dabber daily! Not anymore tho, simply strap it on, throw a lighter on it and your done. Super simple product with practical uses for your daily smoking routine. These are made in the USA, hand sewn and available at for just $6 USD plus shipping. If you buy 2 Bowl Bands you can even get 1 for free! Follow them on Instagram @BowlBands


RAW Perforated Gummed Tips

At HotBox, we roll a lot of joints and a critical part of that is having tips or a “crutch”. While there are several versions of the rolling tip and even papers that supply a package of papers and tips, we have been resorting to the RAW Perforated Gummed Tips for the past several months. Real easy to roll up and they are gummed in order to keep your tip from unraveling. These tips seem to be the perfect width, so no reason to cut these in half like some booklets of tips need. Not much else to say about this product besides it is definitely practical, affordable and useful. You can buy a 3 pack right now at for  $4.75 or ask your local smoke shop to start carrying them. Go ahead and give RAW Papers a follow on Instagram @RAWLife247


Stickler Ashtray

Every smoker needs an ashtray, some would even prefer to have a quality ashtray. At HotBox, we received a new product called Stickler Ashtray and haven’t stop using it since. The sleek design and great colors make it look almost like an art piece in your home. Made from high grade aluminum, it is virtually unbreakable and comes with a removable center poker to clean your bowls with. One thing we noticed is no matter how many joints you put out in the ashtray or how many times you burn it, it does not stain or leave any marks. Simply throw away all contents and run some water and a paper towel over it and it looks brand new. Only thing to be cautious about is the sharp poker, leave it face down when not in use. While there are many ways to ash your joint or bowl, this is a great product for the connoisseur smoker who enjoys higher end accessories. Stickler Ashtray costs $40 USD plus shipping but may very well be the last ashtray you ever have to buy. Follow them now on Instagrm @SticklerAshtrays


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